Truck, RV, and Trailer Axle Repairs Services Tampa

American Frame and Axle/Central Florida Frame and Axle, is your one source for large and medium truck and recreational vehicle frame repair and straightening. We straighten and repair flatbed trailer frames, dump trailer frames, dump bodies and all other forms of heavy equipment .

If your truck or trailer was involved in a collision or a rollover, chances are good that the vehicle frame was twisted, flexed, torn, or otherwise compromised. Before straightening the frames, they are thoroughly inspected for breaks and tears. Damaged areas are then repaired to restore integrity.

At American Frame and Axle, we have a 65’ Blackhawk frame-straightening machine that utilizes cold straightening techniques that are recognized industry wide as the best way to straighten heavy duty frames. Also, we have an 80’ Kansas Jack frame straightening machine for dump trailers, lowboys, 53 flat beds, and large construction equipment. Our experience ensures precise frame straightening and alignment of frame rails.

After frame straightening, (coupled with our precise wheel alignment and tire balancing and truing) your truck and/or trailer will once again go down the road safely.

We Straighten all Kinds of Truck Frames, Truck Axle Repairs, Trailer Axle Repairs, RV Axle Repairs